Where We Are Going To

Looking ahead it is clear that science is going to be the main driving force that will allow us as humans to not only move forward as a species, but to even just survive on this planet.

We recognise that providing the right built environment is critical to the success of that science. What we do is the foundation that allows you to successfully build your science.

Because science is always changing, and sometimes rapidly, we are also changing and updating our skills to meet those requirements. Our involvement with international conferences and on standards committees, as well as our own commitment to research and development in the built environment, means that we are being proactive to ensure what we are delivering to you is appropriate and relevant.

There are many challenges facing the world and the way we inhabit it. The responsibility for scientific facilities therefore is two-fold. To create an environment for world class science to happen and to inhabit the wider environment in a responsible way.

The future will undoubtedly be challenging, but also exciting and dynamic. We take pride in being able to create a legacy that contributes to all of our futures.