Where We Are Now

The Lab-works Architecture name and brand is now established as a leader in the design and implementation of scientific buildings and facilities. We have undertaken a wide breadth and depth of science related facilities that is a significant body of work.

Just as in science, architecture and the built environment does not just happen. It is the enquiring minds and continual research that develops the knowledge base and expertise required to successfully carry out the work that is needed in today's environment.

Because we have embraced this as a natural part of our work, we not only offer expert design and documentation skills but also provide added value in the form of our specialist services. These cover the areas of compliance, regulatory requirements, accessibility, advocacy, strategic planning and feasibility studies. Refer to our Specialist Services section for an explanation of what this means for you.

We pride ourselves on being small enough to have the continuity of personal involvement, but also being big enough to have the horsepower to get your project completed on time and to budget.

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