Alan MacDiarmid Building - Victoria University of Wellington


Teaching and Research Building
Kelburn Campus - Victoria University of Wellington
Wellington, New Zealand

Lab-works Architecture was awarded the S-Lab 2013 Highly Commended International Laboratory Building Award for the development of the new
Alan MacDiarmid Building at Victoria University of Wellington.

Lab-works Architecture worked as part of a substantial team for the development of the new Alan MacDiarmid Building for the Schools of Biological Sciences and Chemical and Physical Sciences at the Kelburn University campus. It was identified as a flagship project for the university and we acted as specialist laboratory consultants.

The building comprises of offices, student facilities, seminar and general teaching spaces as well as specialist laboratories. The design philosophy is for the laboratory spaces to be visible from other spaces within the building and for the laboratories to be open to each other for the sharing of information and learning.

The layout of the laboratories has been designed so that modifications will be able to be made in the future without significant alterations to the infrastructure. Joinery units have been specifically designed to incorporate all services (including electrical, data, water and gases) and to allow for future additions to the network of services.

The laboratories feature specifically designed safety stations, a unit incorporating a safety shower and eye wash and first aid and safety kit in the one place in various locations. A square of bright green vinyl on the dark floor identifies the location. A number of Clean Rooms have been included within the overall laboratories. To maintain ‘Clean Room' and pressure level requirements, this has required the construction of double skin walls with all penetrations for services fully sealed to maintain pressure levels.



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