Laboratory Alterations - Environmental Laboratory Services


Lower Hutt, Wellington
New Zealand

Environmental Laboratory Services (ELS) offer a broad range of microbiological and inorganic chemistry analyses, covering a large range of sample matrices such as potable water quality, swimming pool quality and food and dairy testing.

With the increasing work load of this private company, they decided to expand into the remaining part of the building they were already in, as well as making alterations to their existing facilities.

Laboratory spaces for clean rooms, sterile rooms and air locks to stop cross contamination is a critical function for the work they do. These areas provide services to the main General Chemistry Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, and Biological Fluids Laboratory.

A detailed briefing process and careful analysis of options allowed for the most efficient layout of the spaces in the 700m2 of laboratory area. This has allowed ELS to increase the range of tests available and to further enhance their business.

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