Forensics, Molecular Biology and Microbiology Laboratories - ESR


Christchurch Science Centre
Christchurch, New Zealand

The role of the Crown Research Institute ESR is to protect people and their environments through science. 

At the ESR Christchurch Science Centre it was identified that there was a need to address the existing facilities so that they can meet current standards and continue to provide a suitable environment for the high level of work they undertake. 

To achieve this, an overall site development plan was prepared which identified a need to improve internal functionality and separation of non-contamination areas in the Forensics, Molecular Biology and Microbiology laboratory areas, as well as associated site works and car parking for the expanded areas.

With the Master Plan in place, we progressed with detailed design work on the various areas, controlling the project through to completion and occupation.

The resulting work included refurbishment and extensions to the Forensics laboratory and then the refurbishment of the Molecular and Microbiology laboratory areas. This included examination rooms (including examination areas for vehicles), DNA and PFGE laboratories (which are both PC2 containment areas), Microbiological facilities, as well as support offices, meeting rooms and staff areas.

The finalised areas provide pleasant working environments that still meet the stringent requirements for containment, recording of evidence and control of any potential cross contamination issues.

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