Glycol Synthesis Facility - Callaghan Innovation


Lower Hutt, Wellington

In the fast developing world of bio-pharmaceutical science, Callaghan Innovation needed a production facility that enabled them to take the bio-pharm products they develop from laboratory bench scale up to pilot plant scale.

The brief required the building to be adaptable and flexible. It also demanded that it meet strict hygiene requirements for product safety and human safety, that allows the facility to achieve US GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. This allows the products produced to be used in Phase 2 Clinical Trials.

The solution was to provide a 2 ½ story high Process Hall that is fully serviced and flame proof. Within this are Isolation Cells that provide the hygienic environment required and contain each process to eliminate cross contamination. Coupled to this are support facilities that includes changing rooms, control room, offices, HVAC plant rooms, and laboratories for finishing and packaging the products.

The use of pre-finished aluminium panels, stainless steel, glass, and epoxy resins provides the framework for the hygienic areas. Human safety led to the practical solution of using glass to the frontages and raking ceilings. This allows all of the cells to be visible from the Control Room providing not only safety and communication, but a visually stunning complex.

However, this is not just a functional box. Bio-pharmaceutical science is also a business and this building in an integral part of the corporate image that is needed to attract international contracts. The visual aspect of the building was developed to highlight the technology within while reducing the bulk of the Process Hall. The use of different exterior claddings has created a palate where architectural art meets functional science.