Mass Spectrometer Laboratory Suite - Massey University


Turitea Campus - Massey University
Palmerston North, New Zealand

This highly specialised laboratory suite was designed and created to house the southern hemisphere's largest mass spectrometer. The decision was made to locate this equipment in the ground floor of the Science Tower at Massey University, where its measurements would be least affected by surrounding magnetic waves. 

Features of the fitout included:

  • Special protection over the equipment to stop any potential liquid overflow coming down from higher levels in the building.
  • Isolation of the equipment from the existing building so that there was less than 1mm vibration at any wavelength.
  • A limit on the amount of steel that could be used in the immediate vicinity so as not to interfere with measurements.

Despite all of these challenges, and even though this laboratory is in a distant bottom corner of the building, we have successfully created a space which is open and interesting to work in.

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