Ecology Agriculture/Horticulture Fitout - Massey University


Ecology Group Fitout - Level 1 Redevelopment
Turitea Campus - Massey University
Palmerston North, New Zealand

The Ecology Group at Massey University sits within the Institute for Natural Resources. This fitout is for academic, administrative and technical staff along with post graduate and PhD students. It includes the staff and post-grad offices, administrative spaces, meeting spaces, and research labs. Research within the group includes the study of population and community ecology, limnology, soil zoology, behavioural ecology, evolution, and molecular ecology.

In their old facilities the staff were located in several separate buildings with laboratory spaces which were inadequate for the specialist work they now do.  The new location gives them offices which are accessible to students; plus laboratories and meeting spaces which are open and visible to, visitors, other staff, and students. The design encourages interaction and the sharing of knowledge.

The new facility comprises a research lab which can be adapted to suit the needs of current and future research projects, both in terms of size and use. It allows for the observation of small animals and birds, as well as providing autopsy spaces. Specialist research labs allow for the collection of ancient DNA. Temperature controlled rooms allow for the culturing of insects and for the manipulating of environmental conditions to study invertebrates and plants. Adjacent areas are be used for the study of sea water and fresh water vertebrates and invertebrates.

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