Design & Documentation

Concept Design through to Detailed Design

Design is often inferred as the essence of what we, as architects, do. We start by taking your ideas, needs, and objectives to distill these down into a design brief. This is then used to inform the design (or design options) that starts the process of creating your new built environment.

We typically present sketches, plans, elevations, and 3-D views to communicate these design ideas.

As we go through the design process together, the options and ideas are further refined until we have the best design solution to take forward into the construction documentation.

Selection & Engagement of Consultants

Depending on the requirements of your project we will recommend or help you to select the engineers, surveyors and other consultants needed.

This can include structural, services, hydraulic, electrical or process engineers, and quantity surveyors.

We have worked with various companies with a variety of experience, including multi-disciplinary companies. We are comfortable leading a team of consultants or working within a team to bring you the best result for your project.


This is the only way we have of explaining the project to others. Therefore we use a variety of methods depending on the situation.

Design work is typically sketchy and includes layout plans and 3-D views so you can understand what you are getting.

The local territorial authority and builders have a need for different information, so our documentation is more technical. Drawings and specifications create the construction documents, along with construction contracts and tender forms.