AQ interior high veiw

Procurement & Construction


Let's be honest, cost is the bottom line. Everyone wants the best possible price and the traditional way of getting this is through tendering the construction work.

However there are times where it is more important to get value for money, where there is a need for a special quality of work for the right price. Therefore a negotiated contract may be more appropriate.

In other situations fast-tracking or other considerations will determine other methods of selecting the contractors and determining a fair cost.

Whatever your requirements, talk to us on what procurement method will best suit your needs.


Contract Administration and Construction Observation are the two roles that establish control of the building process on your behalf.

We represent you (as the Principal to the contract), issue all directions to the contractor and administer the contract impartially between you and the contractor.

To do this we visit the site regularly, answer questions and resolve problems, instruct rectification work (if required), hold site meetings and manage the paperwork that runs the contract.

Post Occupancy

Your project is all shiny and new, and you have moved in. Champagne flows at the grand opening, but we haven't finished our job yet.

Sometimes there can be a few little items that don't appear until after you move in. Things may need a tweak here, and adjustment there. We remain involved to ensure that any of these items are resolved.