Building Code Requirements

Changes were made to the NZ Building Code in 2008, mainly around what work is exempt from requiring a building consent. The changes to Schedule 1 - which lists exempt work - are significant and now mean that quite substantial work may not need a building consent from the territorial authority. However, there are some traps for the unwary.

As an example - you may be able to upgrade a number of areas in a building without getting a Building Consent. However, if you make subsequent additions or alterations that do require a consent, then the entire building may need to be assessed on its current level of compliance. If there are deficiencies in what was done initially, then this may result in a need to undertake costly refit work in order for your building to be brought up to regulatory standard.

Therefore, it is critical that you discuss your project with us - in detail - before you start any work. The correct sequencing of work, or location of facilities, may save you considerable time, money and stress.