Being specialists within the profession of architecture we are increasingly asked to provide our services within the context of an overall project.

Examples of where this has worked successfully include: 

Where the laboratory facilities take up only a portion of a multi-storey building or a larger complex. While the project architects have responsibility for the building or complex as a whole, we provide the expertise for the design and documentation of the laboratory facilities within the overall project.

Within a project that has general laboratory facilities there may be a specialised area or part of the laboratory where the consultants for the overall project do not have the expertise or experience to undertake that work. A recent project involved general medical and diagnostic testing facilities. Within that is a lab area for work on Tuberculosis. We provided expert advice, design and documentation on that containment area and how it can be successfully integrated into the overall facility.

The key is that every project is unique, with it's own set of requirements. We are happy to discuss the specifics of your project and what expertise you need. Refer to our Processes/Services and our Specialist Services pages for an outline of what we do, then contact us to discuss how we can best assist you.